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logi-Cloud Webinar

Free Webinar: Various Methods Of B2B & B2C Picking With Demonstration Of logi-Cloud WMS

On-demanded webinar: https://youtu.be/Cp8L1Z0U2GI

Facing the rapid development of e-Commerce/online stores, the logistics warehouse process needs to keep pace with the times. Many logistics companies that used to engage in B2B orders have begun to transform their warehouses in order to cope with B2C orders. At this time, a complete warehouse management system (WMS) has become important!

This seminar will introduce the B2B and B2C picking methods and the simple WMS system demonstration, so that you can further understand the difference between the two in application, and will also explore how to handle B2B and B2C picking procedures and Hong Kong logistics in the same warehouse. Coordination of technological development.

* Date: November 17, 2020 (Tuesday)
* Time: 3:30-4:20 pm
* Language: Cantonese
* Format: Zoom webinar (links will be sent by email)

Seminar content
* Differences, difficulties, methods, advantages and disadvantages of B2B and B2C picking
* Simple system demonstration: B2B picking>B2C picking
* The feasibility of handling B2B and B2C business in the same warehouse
* Hong Kong logistics technology development and cooperation
* Welcome to ask Q&A

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