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logi-Cloud Logistics Webinar: Key To Successful Ecommerce – Don’t Overlook The Efficiency & Accuracy In Warehouse

On-demanded Recordings:https://youtu.be/OSJuCvgWTQI

Before establishing an eCommerce/online store, what kinds of preparation work should we work on? Website design? Payment gateway? Customer service?…… Apart from these essential aspects, there are some elemental operations that people always overlook – logistics, delivery and warehouses. Thus, a SaaS Warehouse Management System (SaaS WMS) is helping to cope with relevant issues efficiently.

Warehouse management and logistics operation of eCommerce business will be highlights of the webinar. With a simple demonstration, cooperation processes between WMS and eCommerce/online stores will be shown in detail, including online order processing, picking, packing and courier arrangement etc, subsequently facilitating the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse logistics.

Webinar Details
* Date: 29th April, 2021 & 24th June, 2021
* Time:3:30p.m. – 4:20p.m.
* Language:Cantonese
* Form:Zoom Webinar(Link will be provided via email)

Webinar Content
* Preparation of eCommerce establishment
* Logistics and warehouse operations that are easily overlooked
* How Warehouse Management System assists (WMS) and coordinates with eCommerce operations
* Q&A session

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