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202202 MS x logi-Cloud Webinar

Microsoft x logi-Cloud Webinar:Made Logistics Transformation Easy‧Achieve High Warehouse Operations Efficiency

Do you face these problems? Every time when you fulfill orders, you have to double check the inventory status and coordinate with couriers. Every time when you pick items, you have to print out a large batch of receipts and put much effort to make sure not to pick the wrong items. 

Many retailers ignored logistics, pick and pack or warehouse issues, some of them want to digitalize the warehouse but worry about the budget. In this case, a SaaS Warehouse Management Platform could help you to solve the above issues and increase warehouse efficiency and accuracy. 

On 18 February, Arthur Chan, a logistics expert of logi-Cloud SaaS WMS, will share with you how to break through the traditional pain points of digitalization through the SaaS Warehouse Management Platform.

The event is broadcast in Cantonese. Whether you are a logistics warehouse practitioner, traditional or new retail business, you should not miss it!

EmpowerHK BEAT Webinar series (Cantonese)

Date:18 February 2022 (Friday)

Time:15:00 – 16:00

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