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3PL Logistics

Removed Bottlenecks For Diversifying Of Distribution Business

When an FMCG distributor expands her distribution profolio, logi-Cloud supported the transformation in warehouse to effectively supports the new movements.


Established in 1993, Forewide (福揚行) is a leading B2B distributor in Hong Kong primarily of personal care and household cleaning products from leading multinational corporations, covering a wide range of brands including the well-known high-end cosmetics and skin care brand SKII.


1. Low Response Time In Critical Incidence Such As Product Recall

Lack of in-depth views over inventory, and could not response timely to defective cases. e.g. Halt sales in product recall situations.

2. Lack of Inventory Traceability

Inventory life cycles in warehouse and the handling history were difficult to maintain and trace

3. Low Picking Efficiency Jeopardize Sales Margin

Different products and orders needs different picking treatments. It’s difficult to distinct and enforce the rules, yet sacrifying overall productivity, accuracy & HR cost

4. Supporting VMI (Vendor-Managed Inventory) Model Was Exhausting

A significant amount of time and effort spent daily on communicating with vendors among receiving, deliveries and inventory data. And all parties were suffering from information delay and inaccuracy.

5. Incompatible To Connect With Partner’s Software

Vendors posed different enterpise software by their own, and there was no cost-effective, yet flexible options at system integration building.

logi-Cloud’s Implementation

Implementing logi-Cloud’s module suite, Forewide has easily achieved fully digitalized warehouse operations, with real-time data sharing, real-time response and flexible API integration capability.

The warehouse could then easily manage different goods at desired detail and levels, such as manufacturing batch, expiry dates, bin locations, and current status. Supervisor could also select different picking methods according to item nature and order patterns; optimizing the picking effeciency; while manage order status & inventory availability in real-time, by physical situations. All movements and updates were automatically collected and put to one single place, without using any paper or via any data entry.

With the transparency logi-Cloud brought, sales team and vendors could be shared of real-time data and thorought tracebility for right decisions, without occupying any resource from warehouse team.

When it comes to system integration with partners, logi-Cloud’s Open API enabled a rapid building of integration, at a fraction of traditional cost and lead time.

logi-Cloud supported Forewide in the journey of business diversifying, and also supported her warehouse team to became confident and relieved at aiming for higher KPIs and becoming an effective assistance to company’s expansion.

Feature / Function Highlights

  1. Inventory Batch / Lot Controls
  2. Inventory Expiration Controls
  3. Real-time data capturing via barcode scanning
  4. Real-time operation procedure enforcement
  5. B2B & B2C picking methods
  6. Web Application for real-time control, inquiries and reporting
  7. Open API for integration



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